Astrology is the un-folding of your life!


 “Life is a journey with many twists and turns. 

Imagine knowing in advance the timing and form a major life event may take.”

Are you searching for the meaning of life?  Your life, that is!

Take a deeper look at the evolutionary intent of your soul, the potential described by the birth chart and the cycles of growth foretold in the transits and progressions.

Understand your past, present and future from a more conscious perspective and know that life is only about 20% fated or “evolutionarily necessary.”  The rest is based on the choices you make.  Will you take the “high road” or “low road”…it’s up to you!  Let astrology point the way to the happiest and most fulfilling life you can lead.  Get on track with your highest potential.

 Thank you for visiting Sky Talk Astrology.  Enjoy the site.

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