Life's A Journey...Be Prepared

Understanding your past, present and future

What is Astrology?

Hidden deep within us are mysterious forces whether we are concerned with daily routines or major life crises. These forces, if we pay attention, are trying to reveal to us a better way to live our lives.  Patterns and cycles are mysteriously tied to the placement and movement of the planets in the sky, and with a great deal of accuracy can reveal the twists and turns of our journey here on Earth. Astrology is simply the study of meaningful correspondence between planetary movements and our lives. You do not need to be a believer, just open to what it can tell you.

Life is a journey with many ups and downs and astrology is a tool that can reveal hidden information. It deals not so much with predicting your future, but predicting the questions and situations you will face. It arms you with information and prepares you to make better choices and decisions.

Imagine knowing in advance the timing and form that a major life crisis may take. That knowledge could help diffuse the “crisis” nature of the circumstances and create the possibility of understanding the experience while it was happening. And what if that “crisis” was a major crossroad of your life?

Evolutionary Astrology

As soon as we begin to assume that the soul has existed in previous lifetimes, astrology begins to take a place in a meaningful universe where we discover that there is an evolutionary purpose in being a Sagittarius, Gemini or whatever you might be.  Evolutionary Astrology recognizes and explains the unresolved issues of prior lifetimes that have a distorting effect upon your present attitudes in virtually the same way as a painful childhood.