Astrology Points of Interest

The mass consciousness of the planet is at a low point. Not only are people operating at a low consciousness but even those who are more evolved are at a more depressed level. It feels like this depression is beginning to strike out with more anger. Depression surfaces from anger turned inward.

The stock market will be affected during this time. I feel it may go down while the emotions run high through the next few months. I predict that it will rise again considerably in February – March 2021

August 13: Mars square Pluto 29 degrees Pisces/Sagittarius

More violence is surmounting with possible attacks. This is a time of extreme emotion and is having deep effects on the planet. This is a time where the earth begins to shake.

August 14 – 16:

Extremes in weather, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions.

August 15: Uranus Retrograde 16 degrees Aries

As Uranus stations, it is another indicator of earthquakes and major disruptions around the planet

August 24: Mars square Saturn 2 degrees Aries/Capricorn

Obstacles in government affairs cause strife in many nations. Many countries will continue to regain their own power. Globalization in the world is changing as many countries become more self-reliant. This will be the effects as Jupiter and Saturn join in Capricorn in December.

August 30 Venus opposes Pluto 28 degree Gemini/Sagittarius
Mercury opposes Neptune 25 degrees Leo/Aquarius

Secrets and scandals are being revealed as the political parties begin to lock horns. Sex scandals are still a focus but also financial scandals take the lead in the news.


August 31: Venus enters Cancer

Venus in the sign that rules the Moon and represents great volatility in the markets. With all the changes occurring in politics, the markets begin to reflect the insecurities the mass population is feeling.


Saturn/Pluto Transits

Those of us that follow astrology shudder when we think of Saturn transits…or panic when Pluto inches toward a major area of our chart.  Both planets have dark, fearsome reputations and this year we have seen how their conjunction in Capricorn in mid-January coinsided with the start of a prolonged period in many societies of personal and financial hardships.  We’ve witnessed an enforced (Pluto) pause (Saturn) to everyday life —  a lockdown with much of the world “temporarily closed for renovation”.  With these two conjunct this year (2/19 – 11/20), this has been the most extreme time of the transit.