As I sat wondering what to write about this week, it occurred to me that you might like to know about the brighter, more optimistic planets in the sky.

I’m talking about Venus and Jupiter better known in astrology as the greater (Jupiter) and lesser (Venus) fortunes.

When either one of these two are making a positive aspect to your natal chart, a period of health, wealth and good times can be expected.  The down side is that they don’t last very long and over indulgence can be an issue.  It’s just that you feel so darn good and life seems to be going your way and in reality, it is.  You just loose your ability if you’re not very careful, to put the brakes on.  A recent week in Reno just happened to coincide with a Jupiter trine Venus in my own chart.  I felt that I would be lucky though there are no guarantees how the luck would play out.  To my delight, I did win quite a bit of money and the winning continued the entire week. 

You see, there are times in everyone’s life when rewards earned come to fruition and often these are Venus or more probably, Jupiter cycles.  So when life has you at your wits end and reaching for a rope, hang in there.  A fortunate cycle is waiting for you down the road! 

However, hard aspects can represent troubling times.  Are you doing too much, spending too much or just wearing yourself out?  Life will show you what you need to do, you just want to pay attention to the signs.  I always say work with the planetary energies rather than against.