September 02:  Full Moon at 10 degrees Pisces.

This sign deals with our faith in what is real and often what is not.  What are we to believe from the information coming at us from all sides?  Care must be taken to focus on our inner guidance system and trust the intuitive feelings we will be more in touch with.


September 03:  Moon-Venus Trine: 

Look to a loved one for support


September 06-08:  Venus enters Leo: 

We long to play so get out for a walk with a friend or go to the park (socially distant, of course)


September 09:  Mars goes retrograde: 

This red planet in its own sign of Aries stations in the afternoon as it gets ready for its 2 month retrograde journey.  Use this time to reflect where to spend your energy when Mars moves forward.  We will also have this time to look at the anger and hostility on the planet and where healing needs to occur.  Racial and political anger will be highlighted.


September 12:  Jupiter stations and moves forward this afternoon in the sign of Capricorn. 

This is an indicator of the world moving forward in a very expansive way leaving behind the delays of the past…possibly concerning the Covid Virus.  Optimism and confidence should be high.


September 17:  New Moon in Virgo trine Saturn: 

Think about new plans and beginnings.  Saturn will give you the patience to see it through to the end.  That patience is needed to get us through the end of the year.  Virgo energy is healing energy which the planet sorely needs. 


September 24:  Mercury opposes Mars: 

These few days arguments and conflicts heat up.  Best to be aware of this energy and not engage.  Our intellect will be at war with our ability to anger.


September 27:  Venus enters Leo: 

Your creative juices will be flowing and optimism will be high for a while.  Leadership could give us hope again. 


September 29:  Mars square Saturn: 

We will be very aware of our restrictions today.  There is a feeling of wanting to move forward verses something standing in our way.