Let’s explore the issues of the Second House in the astrology chart.  

Traditionally known as the “house of money”, it is much more than that.  If you are born with planets in this terrain, there will be challenges to self-esteem, money, possessions and survival.  If you are successful in navigating this area of your life, you build confidence, a good self-image and develop an effective avenue of worry free management of your resources.  

When there are challenges that remain undeveloped, we most likely will find an individual whose self worth and respect is tied to the material world and the accumulation of possessions.  Fear of taking risks creates a crisis of insecurity and can severely limit our growth.  Money can often become the symbol of the confidence needed but behind this mask, fear and pain remain.  

How you evaluate your own worth is the issue, but how you relate to your money can be the “red flag”.