We are on the eve of major social uprisings and violent events with the transit of retrograde Mars. Mars is actually retrograde from September 9 – November 14, but while it is in Pisces it is actually more dangerous from October 4 – December 24. During this time, there will be events that will change the world forever!

Beginning October 14th, Mercury is retrograde until November 3rd. Along with Mars retrograde, all communications will go haywire. These are times that will be historically remembered as some of the most ground-shaking events.

It is a very dangerous time for those in political office especially President Trump. Great caution must be taken.

Amidst all the commotion and upheaval, it is time to remain calm and cool-headed and not contribute to the mass violence and anger. Mars retrograde is a time when we have the opportunity to heal past issues of anger. Let’s investigate what anger is actually about to better understand it in our own lives, and, more importantly, how to resolve it. When we don’t heal our anger issues, they can control our lives and eventually wreak havoc on our health. We react to events in our lives in various unconscious and negative ways.

When planets go retrograde, they bring up past issues concerning what the planet rules. Mars rules energy, ambition, courage, and competition, but also rules weapons, war, violence, anger, and aggression. When a planet is retrograde it surfaces the negative issues of a planet, but also any unresolved issues concerning planetary energy. I always look at this time as an opportunity for healing these issues. Therefore, on a positive note, we have the opportunity to heal our issues with both Mercury and Mars during October as they both will be retrograde.

Mercury will surface issues concerning communications; we will have the opportunity to see what we need to learn about how we communicate. Many issues arise concerning the flaws in how we think, speak, and transfer information. Along with Mercury, Mars retrograde will surface anger around the issues of communications. Take caution with the words you use.

On a mass level, the world will be showing signs of great violence and anger over the false information or misconstrued information from the media. Mars rules violence and Mercury rules the media. The good news is that the truth in many areas could possibly be revealed. The problem is that there will be a lot of false information and people may simply believe what they want to believe.


October 01: Full Moon 14 degrees 

This time of year, we will always have the full Moon in Pisces indicating that we now begin preparing for closure of the year and move into the last phase of the year. I know many are ready for 2020 to end. But we must be grateful for all that we have learned from this year and now is the time at this full Moon to reflect on what we have learned.

The Moon in Pisces directs the energy to Jupiter because it rules Pisces, and Jupiter in the sign of Sagittarius is about spiritual awareness. This year is an awakening to a new spirituality. As a matter of fact, we are never awakened to spirituality unless there is something that leads us there, and we are being led there because difficulty forces us to seek inner guidance. Looking back (hindsight is 20/20) we will realize that we all needed this pause in life this year to better understand ourselves and our relationships. This year, we have been forced to do this. This full Moon will give the opportunity to clarify what we have accomplished internally. This reset will recharge you for the years to come.


October 4: Pluto Direct 28 degrees Sagittarius

Pluto is that deep force that actually deals with the unconscious forces that direct our lives. It rules the underworld, therefore, our unconscious shadowy issues. Pluto moving directly can begin to reveal these dark issues that have been directing our lives. If we begin to look within, we can change our lives with these realizations. On a global level, many dark secrets will begin to manifest at this time concerning worldwide corruption.


October 9: Mars square Pluto

Pluto is stationing directly intensifying its energy, Mars is aspecting it and bringing out a more intense energy infecting the world with fear and anger. This aspect can indicate abrupt violence that concerns everyone as conditions begin to turn grim and solemn. Don’t let these outer conditions control and alter your sense of peace. Try not to become consumed with the mass violence and anger rampant in the world now.


October 14: Mercury Retrograde 17 degrees Libra Mars opposes Sun

Mercury retrograde will reveal many of the problems that have been circulating within the media. It is beginning to become ridiculous how many rumors and conspiracies are being concocted now. Be cautious about what to believe as many of the stories are exactly that – conspiracies. These conspiracies are meant to destroy the peace and balance in the world. Libra is the sign of peace and balance and while Mercury is retrograde in this sign, the scales of balance will swing out of balance.

Mars in opposition to the Sun will promote anger towards the political leaders, as the Sun represents government and leaders. The vehicle of anger is what will motivate the world, as Mars is retrograde opposing the Sun. This will be a time of more violence and extreme civil unrest in the world. Conditions are ramping up for a very explosive time. It seems something big is about to evolve out of the erupting anger. There will be many things that instigate rage and anger in our society and the world at this time. Much of the anger and rage will be directed towards presidents. For the U.S., the Sun is transiting the 10th house of the U.S. chart, which further indicates President Trump. My only hope is that these attacks are not actually physical.


October 16: New Moon 29 degrees Virgo

It is interesting that the New Moon arrives at the last degree of Virgo, as the last degree means something must come to an end before a new beginning (New Moon) can occur. There are extreme events playing in the political events that lie ahead. The world is about to go through crises and we must be prepared.


October 19: Mars square Jupiter 28 degrees Pisces/Sagittarius

As Mars aspects Jupiter, it activates extremist political and spiritual beliefs as these are both the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter rules spiritual leaders and the square aspect and Mars can reveal extremes in the world.


October 23: Venus enters Virgo

Venus is debilitated in Virgo, therefore, becomes weakened. As Venus does rule wealth and money, this may be a negative indicator for the economy. October is notoriously bad for the stock market. The drop in the market marks a good time to invest, for I see it rising high in 2021. This is not a good time for marriage or relationships, but can be a time when relationship issues can be worked on, although it will not be easy.

Mars Retrograde

Mars will be in Pisces October 4th and remains until December 24. But Mars turns direct November 14 at 21 degrees Pisces. It is important to know that when Mars is in Pisces it is extremely volatile. It directs its energy towards Jupiter which, in Sagittarius, is very powerful. Many may believe this is a good thing, but on another level, it will make the extremists more powerful causing their beliefs to be more justified. This will be a time of more violent attacks using righteous beliefs.