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An in-depth interpretation of the major features of your natal chart. This consultation addresses how you are organized as an individual with your many gifts, strengths and challenges. It also looks at the evolutionary intent and purpose of your soul and how life’s issues are moving you forward on your path. Also included is a look at the transits and progression for the next six months.

One Hour          

An interpretation of your transits and progressions. This is about where you are today and the cycles of energy you are and will be responding to. Guidance will be given on how best to face the challenges and opportunities of the coming year.

One Hour          (shorter times available for specific questions)

Synastry analyzes each of the two individual charts, comparing and contrasting the many ways and many levels two people relate to each other. Whether you are lovers, friends, family or business associates, this type of consultation will provide great insight into the relationship.

One and One-Half Hour          One Hour

Are you living in the best place for career, love, or creative expression? Would you like to know the different influences affecting your life in another location? Relocation Astrology could be the answer you’ve been looking for. You can choose analysis on three cities of your choice or just let me know what you’re looking for lifestyle wise, and I will select the cities for you. Call me before your next move.

One Hour                     

Thirty Minutes – individual readings                   

*Ask about having an Astrology Party at your business or home